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As a computer scientist with expertise in digital technology and new media, I facilitate communication and the building of communities of interest through the expert use of a variety of tools. My thoughtful application of Web 2.0 design principles, human-computer interaction theory and natural user interfaces has resulted in products satisfying a wide variety of needs. I have worked in scientific computing, exhibit development in a world-renowned science centre, and web application development for education and e-commerce. 

Through disciplined project management and leadership skills that contained project scopes and resulted in timely delivery, I have created both application software and award-winning websites. As an experienced systems analyst and software architect, I have designed installations that integrate hundreds of network-enabled devices, multimedia kiosks, SQL databases, legacy systems and data-driven websites.

Driven to satisfy clients and earn their confidence, I build relationships, clearly communicate solution strategies and product offerings,architect tailor-made client solutions, and provide technical expertise, support, and training to clients, team members and senior management. I am a resourceful, creative project manager, problem-solver and supervisor with the proven aptitude to analyze and translate complex scientific, technical and business problems into innovative solutions.

An articulate communicator, I fluently speak the languages of both people and technology, blending technical expertise with exceptional interpersonal skills while interacting effectively with colleagues, stakeholders and clients.

I have sustained a progressive career path through ongoing research and learning to offer projects and teams leading-edge analysis, design and integration strategies. I am an established scientist with an extensive peer-reviewed publication history in the areas of environmental fluid dynamics, air and water pollution modeling, climatology, biophysics and massively parallel scientific computing.


  • project manager
  • software architect
  • software developer
  • exhibit developer
  • computer scientist
  • physicist and applied mathematician

My resume in PDF format.